Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why We Read?

According to Harold Bloom, we read for several reasons.... (Same way we play a sport for different reasons: exercise, fun, or competition. We would play each way differently)

Information- Reading for information is a prevalent type of reading. We read to gain information from various places. We read television channels, social network profiles, surveys, instructions, research, and studying. Think about books you’ve read for classes like Math, Science, Spanish, and Art.

Entertainment- Some people read because it is an enjoyable way to pass the time. We update ourselves on the world, get a laugh, become inspired, at times we cry. People use books like movies. Think about books or magazines that you read on your own for fun.

Culture Awareness- We read to make connections within society. This allows us to converse and discuss with one another. Society as a whole can connect by referring to or discussing books that we have all studied in school studied. Think about books that you and your friends from other schools have studied.

Knowledge- We read to gain knowledge on various subjects that we are unfamiliar with. This adds to our knowledge. We can learn about new ideas, topics, people, places, and mistakes. Think about books that you have read that express ideas that you have never even thought of before.

Historical Context- We read to learn about our past in order to prevent future mistakes. We read to understand who we once were to develop who we will become as society tomorrow. We learn about our past, present, and future through this type of writing. Think about books that show you the past, present, or future.

Aesthetic- We read because literature is art! Think poetry and beautiful words. Books, stories, and poems are carefully crafted strong developed writers. These are the types of works that we study in school and live on to be studied for centuries. Think of poems and stories that have reached you on an emotional level or made you laugh, cry, or really think.

Escape- Sometimes we read because we want to escape our everyday lives. We live vicariously (live through the life of another person). We use our imagination to pretend we are the main character in the story and learn from their mistakes and actions. Think about whenever you wanted to be someone from a movie or story you’ve read.

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